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About Noorab Knowledge-based Company

Noorab Knowledge-based Company started its activity in 2007 with the aim of designing and implementing all kinds of musical and harmonic fountains and modern outdoor lighting systems. After over ten years of operation, this company has developed, constructed, and managed several large-scale urban projects. Noorab’s technical team with 17 years of experience in servicing and maintaining modern fountains and lighting systems is ready to provide advice, design, prepare service descriptions, monitor and supply parts in this field to its customers.

We support you from the start of the project, offering executive plans, monitoring, execution, and after-sales services. The following are a few of the services we offer:

۱) Initial consultation of the project

۲) Designing phase one and presenting preliminary plans

۳) Designing the second phase and providing complete implementation plans

۴) Consultation, production and sale of equipment related to the project

۵) Preparation of purchase list, inquiry documents and tender documents

۶) Monitoring or implementing the project completely without outsourcing

۷) Performing after-sales service

۸) Performing service and maintenance services

۹) Installing musical fountain package in only 2 working days

Before beginning the project, get in touch with us; we’re happy to offer you free counsel.

Noorab’s business documents

Noorab’s technical staff


Meysam Modi


Samaneh Sharifi

Deputy CEO

Mohsen Modi

Responsible for procurement and processing

Mozhdeh Elahi

Research and Development Manager

Mohammad Ali Sharifi

Business and legal expert

Hossein Khosravi

Montage expert

Azam Taghavi

Expert research and development

Adel Fakhrian

Public relations and advertising expert

Fatemeh Najibi

Cyber space and social networks expert

Noorab executive team

Technical support and advice


Mr. Modi, Engineer, Tel: +989151643135

Mrs. Elahi, Engineer, Tel: +989155618150

Response time: Saturday to Wednesday from 10:00 to 16:00.

If the call number is busy or after office hours, you can send your question via Telegram or WhatsApp, and we will respond you as soon as possible.