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Since ancient times, people have found that fountains are among the most elegant and popular decorative elements in both indoor and outdoor environments. Due to their water fan, the calming sound of flowing water, and the lovely appearance they create in settings, fixed fountains are a kind of artistic fountain that have grown in popularity. You will learn about the ideas, varieties, advantages, and buying guidance for a fixed fountain in this article.

What is a fixed fountain?

Fixed fountains are one of the popular types of fountains that have been used since ancient times as symbols of beauty and humanity in public and private spaces. These fountains are typically composed of materials like stone, concrete, steel, or ceramics, and they are free from the need to relocate frequently because of the permanent and fixed water system. The only things fixed fountains need to run continually are energy or a connection to the water supply. They can be placed on the ground, walls, pools, or even inside structures.

Types of fixed fountains

Fixed fountains are divided into different types:

  1. Typical fountains:

They are made simply and without special details and are usually used in small and domestic spaces.

  1. Modern fountains:

They have different designs and shapes and are focused on beauty and art.

  1. Fantasy fountains:

These unique and distinctively designed fountains are set up in public areas in unique ways, displaying the imaginative and creative thoughts of their designers.

The attractivness and applications of fixed fountains

  1. Stability and durability:

The fixed fountain needs no frequent adjustments because of its permanent installation and stable watering mechanism.

  1. Beauty and relaxation:

With their beautiful patterns and details, fixed fountains enhance the beauty of any area while infusing it with the calming sound of running water.

۳٫ Variety in plans:

 A fixed fountain’s various designs and shapes allow for a wider range of decorating options, appealing to a wide range of tastes.


Gardens and parks: Frequently employed as a focal point and aesthetic element, fixed fountains are a common sight in garden and park areas.
Inside the home and as a decorative element: fixed fountains are a lovely and decorative addition to inside yards and houses.

Commercial and office spaces: Fixed water fountains are a common feature in commercial locations such restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and workplaces. They add to the places’ attractiveness and competitiveness.

You can see the videos of Noorab’s fixed fountain projects in Noorab’s channel on Aparat.

Technical specifications of the fixed fountain

To choose suitable fixed fountain, following points should be in mind:

Construction materials: Choose high-quality and durable materials to ensure that the fountain doesn’t break down for a long time.

Drain system: The drain system must be installed firmly and securely to prevent unwanted leakage and drainage.

Dimensions and height: The dimensions and height of the fountain should be in harmony with the space and place of installation while enhancing its beauty.

Purchase guide for fixed fountains

When buying a fixed fountain, keep the following in mind:

Consult with architects and fountain specialists to select the ideal fountain for your area.

Reputable brand: To guarantee the quality and durability of the fountain, purchase from well-known and respectable brands.

Care and maintenance: Get guidance on how to clean and maintain the fountain you just bought from the manufacturer or seller.

With its beautiful designs and the gentle sound of running water, the fixed fountain gives a beautiful and relaxing effect to the spaces. Choosing a fixed fountain with appropriate technical specifications and from a reliable brand can create a pleasant and long-lasting artistic water fountain experience for you. By observing the points mentioned in the buying guide, choose the best fixed fountain for your space and enjoy the beautiful effect of water and the art of watering in your indoor and outdoor environments.

Projects of Noorab Knowledge Company

Noorab Knowledge-based Company was founded in 2006 with the aim of designing and implementing all kinds of musical and harmonic fountains and modern outdoor lighting systems. As a result of more than a decade of activity, this company has designed, built and operated tens of big urban projects. With 17 years of expertise servicing and maintaining modern fountains and lighting systems, Noorab’s technical group is prepared to offer customers guidance, design, provide service descriptions, monitor, and supply parts in this area.