Musical fountain in Gonbad kavos Sahrdari Park

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Musical fountain in Gonbad kavos Sahrdari Park

🔷The executive operation of the five-channel inverter musical fountain of Gonbadkavos Municipal Park was entrusted to Noorab Industrial Group in May 2022 for operation on the night of Eid al-Fitr. The fountain was installed in the 9-meter-diameter pond and delivered to the client in less than two days.

🔷This fountain includes 150 comet nozzles, 50 Noorab pool lights, 5 electric pumps and 5 collectors (ring, arc and line). This musical fountain’s sound system uses outdoor speakers with a Noorab galvanized body, and its electrical panel combines intelligent, musical, and Noorab lighting controllers.

🔻Noorab’s technical team with 17 years of experience in servicing and maintaining modern fountains and lighting systems is ready to provide advice, design, prepare service descriptions, monitor and supply parts in this field to its customers.🔺

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