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Fountains are structures that have long been used in architectural and natural environments. These beautiful and calming items build a fresh and lovely bond between people and the natural world. The harmonic fountain is one of the most charming and impressive types of fountains. It deals with exquisite integration and harmony with the surroundings through its distinctive designs and amazing sound and visual effects. The harmonic fountain’s introduction, benefits, design, parts, and effects will all be covered in this article.

What is a harmonic fountain?

The idea and presentation of Harmonic Fountain

 Harmonic Fountain is an artistic and architectural work that combines light, sound, and water elements to provide viewers with a peaceful and attractive experience. These fountains, which improve people’s moods and emotions, are frequently positioned in gardens, parks, public areas, shopping centers, and even inside of buildings.

Advantages and benefits of harmonic fountain

  1. Relaxation and peace:

Harmonic landscape with smooth flow of water, natural sounds and proper lighting creates a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere that helps people to have fun and relax.

  1. Environmental composition:

Harmonic fountain designs harmonize well with the surrounding environment and help provide a new and different experience from the surrounding environment.

  1. Increased focus:

The sounds and flow of water in the harmonic fountain can increase concentration and lead the audience to beautiful moments

Harmonic fountain design and components

  1. Water elements:

Streams of water in the form of small strips or different levels of water are essential components of harmonic water feature design.

  1. Lighting:

The use of LED lights and different colors in the design of the harmonic fountain creates attractive visual effects and completes the viewing experience.

  1. Sound:

Adding calm and natural sounds such as flowing water, burning coals, or chirping chickens will add new musical dimensions to the harmonic fountain experience.

You can watch the videos of Noorab’s harmonic fountain projects in Noorab’s channel on Aparat.

Psychological and emotional effects of harmonic fountains

        ۱٫Stress reduction:

Watching the harmonic fountain with the gentle flow of water and natural sounds helps reduce stress and increase relaxation.

  1. Creating a connection with nature:

Harmonic fountain allows people to directly connect with natural elements such as water and light.

  1. Reflection and creation:

  By creating a calm and beautiful atmosphere, these fountains give people the opportunity to reflect, develop and support their creativity.

Harmonic Fountain offers a unique experience of beauty and relaxation by combining art, nature, and technology. These artistic creations offer a lovely setting that is harmonious with the surroundings and has a profound impact on people’s moods and emotions. The Harmonic Fountain’s distinctive architecture, water features, lighting, and sound all contribute to its overall appealing experience. These water fountains can provide a unique appeal and elegance to both public and private spaces, as well as benefit people’s bodies and minds.

Projects of Noorab Knowledge Company

Harmonic fountain of general department of justice in South Khorasan

Harmonic fountain

Noorab Knowledge-based Company was founded in 2006 with the aim of designing and implementing all kinds of musical and harmonic fountains and modern outdoor lighting systems. As a result of more than a decade of activity, this company has designed, built and operated tens of big urban projects. With 17 years of expertise servicing and maintaining modern fountains and lighting systems, Noorab’s technical group is prepared to offer customers guidance, design, provide service descriptions, monitor, and supply parts in this area.