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Musical fountain is an artistic masterpiece that incorporates a stunning combination of water, light and music. These fountains provide an audience a unique experience through the interaction of water, lighting, and sound. We’ll look at the musical fountain’s major features and attraction in this article.

What is a musical fountain?

A musical fountain is a hybrid artwork where water serves as the primary source. These fountains use jets and fountains to creatively show water, and lighting adds a unique view. The observer is induced to experience the interplay between music and water through the combination of the two elements and their harmony. Msical fountain is often characterized as a fountain combined with music, with the aim of creating a harmonious blend of music, water movements, and lights.

Key elements in the musical fountain

۱٫ Fountains and jets:
These fountain elements, through the intelligent control system, implement various patterns and movements of water.
۲٫ Lighting:
Lighting is one of the most important elements in musical fountain. By using different colors, the lighting adds to the beauty and charm of the fountain and has a unique visual impact on the audience.
۳٫ Music:
Music is an important part of musical fountains. The movements of the water are synchronized with the sounds and melodies of the music and have a relaxing and exciting effect on the audience.

You can see the videos of Noorab’s musical fountain projects in Noorab’s channel on Aparat.

The musical fountain’s attractions and applications

۱٫ Artistic and amazing:
The musical fountain is regarded as a magnificent work of art that surprises everyone with its attractiveness and beauty.

۲٫ Calming and relaxing effect:
Watching this fountain creates a feeling of peace in the audience and can have a relaxing effect on them.

۳٫ Use in events and shows:
Musical fountains are a visually appealing and useful element in a variety of events and performances. Music festivals, concerts, parks, and shopping centers are a few locations where these kinds of fountains are used.

The viwer is given an unforgettable experience by the musical fountain, which combines the beauty of light, music, and water. This will draw more people to this work of art and allow them to have a unique experience with the musical fountain.

Projects of Noorab Knowledge Company

The goal of Noorab’s research and development team is to use global knowledge and technologies to create a product for the implementation of large fountains after designing and implementing the “musical fountain package,” which was successful in earning the knowledge-based certificate. In this sense, it was successful in utilizing world-class devices to produce musical fountains on a large scale. This new device has made things easy for the consumer in addition to being highly reliable. The product’s noteworthy characteristics are as follows:

  • High reliability
  • Specialized music analysis and directing software
  • The possibility of expanding the fountain as desired by the client
  • The use of world standard communication equipment and protocols
  • Very high coordination between the movement of water, light and music
  • The possibility of monitoring and controlling the fountain through the Internet
  • The possibility of monitoring and controlling the fountain through SMS
  • Incorporating control devices such as sensors for water level, temperature, wind speed, etc.
  • Easy usage

Noorab Knowledge-based Company was founded in 2006 with the aim of designing and implementing all kinds of musical and harmonic fountains and modern outdoor lighting systems. As a result of more than a decade of activity, this company has designed, built and operated tens of big urban projects. With 17 years of expertise servicing and maintaining modern fountains and lighting systems, Noorab’s technical group is prepared to offer customers guidance, design, provide service descriptions, monitor, and supply parts in this area.