Musical fountain of Neyshabur Arghavan park

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🔶Musical fountain of Neyshabur Arghavan park🔶️

🔷️️The performance of the musical Project of Neyshabur Arghavan park started after being handed over to Noorab Industrial Group in January 2019 by the Municipality of Neyshabor, and with less than two months of intensive work, it was completed and put into operation in the Fajr decade of the same year. The centrifuge was installed inside the engine room and its control system is PLC type.

The equipments used in the project are:

 ۱) Six cast iron centrifugal electropumps

۲) ۵۴ RGB pool lights

۳) Comet nozzles and valves 162 pieces

۴)  One PLC control panel and inverters

۵) Two American JBL active band sound system

🔻 With 17 years of expertise in servicing and maintaining modern fountains and lighting systems, the technical team at Noorab Knowledge-Based Company is prepared to offer customers advise, design, develop service descriptions, monitor, and supply parts in this field.🔺

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