Lighting project Birjand Cultural Center

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Lighting project Birjand Cultural Center

The implementation of this project (fixed fountain) was entrusted to Noorab Industrial Group in the summer of 1999. It took almost nine months to complete the installation of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure in this large cultural complex, which was operational by the spring of 2020.

🔷️The Noorab technical group implemented lighting and decorative lamp bases, installed buried lights around the area’s stairs, set up side lights for the stairs in the complex’s open amphitheater, installed electrical panels, implemented the engine room and irrigation system, built five steps with waterfalls, installed two linear fountains, and three miniature fountains with lighting that alternated between turquoise and white.

🔻 With 17 years of expertise in servicing and maintaining modern fountains and lighting systems, the technical team at Noorab Knowledge-Based Company is prepared to offer customers advise, design, develop service descriptions, monitor, and supply parts in this field.🔻

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